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One A.D. by Various Artists.
Waveform 2xLP/CD/CS 84101-1/2/4

Release date: May 17, 1994.

Ambient music is wonderfully chaotic at the moment. A new, dance-influenced electronic strain is spreading from Europe, mostly combining soft and subtle percussive grooves overlaid with atmospheric sound shapes, created, for the most part, with a mixture of antique analog synthesizers and the latest state-of-the-art computerized gubbins.

The U.K. label Beyond Records invented the term Ambient Dub in 1992. Their critically acclaimed records, though hard to get hold of and completely unreleased so far in the USA, have provided us with some of the most innovative and interesting electronic music over the last couple of years.

As the ambient (for "ambient" read "electronic") revolution teeters on the brink of mainstream acceptance, Beyond have hooked up with new US label Waveform, headquartered not in New York or Los Angeles but alongside the UFO bases and vortex energies of Sedona, Arizona. Now the best of those genre defining and defying sensual electronic noodlings, re-formed and re-mastered, are available on Waveform's first release, a compilation entitled One A.D. (Wav 84101-2).

Short of swimming with dolphins, the album is the ultimate chill-out experience. One heavenly dub-influenced slow groove after another, sensual techno-ambience which if you're tired of major label museum pieces may go some way towards restoring your faith in the music business.

Perhaps surprisingly, in Europe there is a thriving live scene - with truly live and extemporised performances from featured acts like the Higher Intelligence Agency (who describe themselves as non-DJs) being the order of the day.The HIA are due to bring their Oscillate party to the US in the fall - possibly to coincide with the American release of their influential first album "Colourform" (also to be released on Waveform).

Sonic texturalists, the next incarnation of jazz, or a new form of dance music you don't have to dance to? You be the judge.

Ambient - surrounding, encircling, encompassing on all sides.
Dub - to replicate or re-invent, turning rational order into an ocean of sensation.