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Two A.D. by Various Artists
Waveform CD/CS 85101-2/4
Release date: April 4, 1995.
National distribution through Navarre.

The Waveform label started life in 1993 when a being from England's Beyond record label (inventors of the term "Ambient Dub") visited the UFO filled canyons of Sedona, Arizona, and there mind melded with a radio DJ who had been playing the new ambient, electronic and sometimes dance influenced experimental music emanating mainly from England and Europe.

Twenty minutes later, the new Waveform label was born. 1994 saw the new label's first release, the compilation album "ONE A.D." (volume one ambient dub) and the "Colourform" album from England's Higher Intelligence Agency.

It's 1995 and Waveform's reputation for quality (probably) will be further enhanced by our first release of the year, our new compilation, "TWO A.D." featuring ten stunning and mostly new tracks from wizards of the new electronica such as Biosphere, A Positive Life, The Groove Corporation, Coldcut, Insanity Sect and others.

Rhythmic, melodic and conceptual, "TWO A.D." tracks encapsulate a laid back celebration of being alive, somewhere on the outer margins of dance-influenced electronic music. Just the thing for those soft, stay at home sessions with your significant other.

A word of CAUTION, the A.D. series features recordings which have been spatially expanded using three dimensional sound imaging systems. You may find yourself wigging out with your walkman.

"TWO A.D." Wayward melodies for the jaded and discerning. A rare combination of style and substance, where conventional melodic structures are extruded and re-shaped into something both alien and strangely familiar. Think of it as electronic sofa music for the new ambient frontier.

Ambient - surrounding, encircling, encompassing on all sides.
Dub - to replicate or re-invent, turning rational order into an ocean of sensation.